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End of the Week Wrap-Up

I tend to accumulate links to biking-related articles in tabs in my browser window and after a week or so of piling them up, dump them into a Stickies document for later retrieval.  Rather than do that, I’ve decided to post a few of the articles from last week that grabbed my attention.

First, it appears that Tennessee is somewhere in the middle of the pack of states in terms of bike-friendliness, according to the League of American Bicyclists.  Certainly we have room for improvement – we scored a D overall and F’s in the categories of infrastructure, evaluation and planning, and enforcement.  But we did score a B in legislation, so that’s good.  Also, the highest ranking state (Washington – not much surprise there) scored a B overall (with a D in infrastructure?) so clearly these are some tough standards.

Tennessee also got a shout-out in USA Today in this article about efforts to promote bike safety and protect cyclists and pedestrians.  I’m very appreciate of the new three-feet rule and for the increased enforcement efforts.  If we don’t punish drivers who break the rules (and encourage those who don’t) we shouldn’t expect any progress toward safer roads.

Locally, Odessa could use your help.  (OK, this isn’t bike-related, but it’s for a good cause.)  Click here to read about how to help this local gallery/performance space.

And be sure to scroll down below the section on Odessa to read about the awesome Bikesploitation event this year.  I really wanted to go, but visiting relatives kept me away.  Maybe next year.

Next, be sure to check out this encouraging article about bike-commuting legislation being considered at the Federal level. Be still my beating heart!

Lastly, have a look at this picture of Shady Grove.

Bike Signals Sensors 003

See that little dot to the right of the planter?  It’s just barely on the edge of the picture.  Here’s a close-up.

Bike Signals Sensors 004

You know what those are?  Sensors that can detect when a bike is parked on them and can then cause the traffic light to change.  That’s right, bike-friendly traffic lights and sensors.  How effing awesome is that?!?!

(h/t Matt Farr)