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Fairly epic biking day

Now that spring semester is in full swing, I’ve been biking quite a bit more lately.  I hardly touched my bike between mid-December and mid-January, mostly because I was out of town and then sick for much of that time.  I always enjoy falling back into the routine of a semester, and enjoy even more that my holidays don’t end for weeks after most others.

I spent the first part of the day today cleaning up the house.  My wife was predictably buried in work – anyone who claims that public school teachers only work 40 hours per week deserves to have their toes run over – so I took up the mantle of dutiful husband.  By mid-afternoon the house was clean and the laundry hanging up to dry, so I set out on some errands.  I worried for a moment that the weather wouldn’t hold up – a few drops of rain pelted my iPhone screen as I prepared to ride – but it passed without incident.

Here’s a map of my ride.

Screen Shot 2013 01 27 at 10 05 51 PM

I left home just before 4:00 PM and biked to the public library on Poplar to get some books for a workshop next weekend.  My ride began on Southern Avenue (yay bike lanes!), then headed north through the Beltline Community and then Chickasaw Gardens.   Fifteen minutes after leaving the house, I was at the library.  After much fruitless searching, I only found two of the seven titles I was looking for, meaning that I’ll be heading out east later this week.  No matter today though.  My next stop was a bit further west: Office Depot on Union.

I could have shaved a mile or two off my ride by going to Office Max, also on Union, instead, but Office Depot has a certain kind of paper I use for certificates for my workshops.  And I think their prices might be better.  Anyway, I needed some supplies, as did the wife, so I biked west through Chickasaw Gardens, Midtown, then up to Linden Avenue.  Linden took me to Walnut, then my destination.  Thirty minutes later, my panniers were laden with paper, copies, pencils, and other evidence that I live in house of teachers.  Next stop: Home Depot on Poplar.

You might be wondering why I didn’t go to Home Depot first, before Office Depot.  (It was a day of many depots.)  That was for the simple reason that Office Depot closed at 6:00 PM, so I had to go there first, before heading east to Home Depot.  Fortunately, I made it to both stores with plenty of time to spare.  My trip to Home Depot added two LED light bulbs, four spray bottles, masking tape, a wall switch for the bulbs, and a battery to my load.  Interesting thing about those bulbs: while expensive as hell, they are supposed to last for over 22 years.  Meaning that we should still be using these bulbs as I near retirement.  Not sure what to do with that.

Anyway, after leaving Home Depot (with none of my previous acquisitions having been lifted from my panniers, thankfully), I biked south to Kroger on Union.  I debated on the way about the best way to get there.  I considered biking east to McLean, then south and west to Kroger.  But traffic was pretty light by that point, so I turned south on Belvedere and did something I almost never do: I biked on Union Avenue.  Granted, it was only for one block, but still.  That road is not fit for cyclists.

My trip to Kroger added a bag of tortilla chips, some cheese, fake bacon (NOM), and a few other items to my panniers, which were quite full by this point.  Fortunately, that was my last stop before home, except for a last minute trip to the gas station to pick up something I’d forgotten at Kroger.  I was at home around 3.5 hours after I left, with roughly an hour and fifteen minutes spent on my bike.  It was nice.

So, overall it was a pretty uneventful ride.  Just under fourteen miles, no problems with traffic, nice weather.  What made it somewhat remarkable is that once again I was able to demonstrate that yes, you can run errands on a bike in Memphis.  It’s really not that hard.  In fact, it’s rather fun.

Tomorrow will be a nice, boring ride to campus and back.  I hope your day was as fulfilling as mine.  Have fun biking in Memphis.

Sunday’s ride

My people.  Several times last week I had planned to have a mini biking adventure, deviating from my normal there-and-back-again ride from home to campus to home, but the weather kept thwarting my attempts.  Also, I had planned to actually do some writing last week, but my schedule and workload kept thwarting that as well.  But finally, we have a week of really nice weather ahead of us, and I have practically nothing on my to-do list.  So let’s go.

After cramming a pile of eggs and potatoes into my face at Boscos Sunday morning, I decided the time was right for a bit of biking fun.  I knew that I had several errands to run, beginning with a stop at Otherlands.  No, not for coffee, to drop several pairs of jeans into a collection bin for Thigh High Jeans.  Founded in 2009 by photographer Ann Smithwick and artist Kerry Peeples, the company accepts donations of used jeans and embroiders them with inspirational quotes and other finery.  I’m not a huge fan of their product – I guess I prefer my jeans unadorned – but I appreciate that they are recycling unwanted clothes, and that it’s a local business.  So there you go, Thigh High – four pairs of my old jeans are yours.

Here’s a shot of my cargo just before leaving the house.

IMG 0338

And here’s one of all the bikes parked behind Otherlands.

IMG 0339

Yes, that is my shadow in the picture.

After that I stopped at Easy Way for mushrooms for dinner.  Here I am, parked outside.

IMG 0340

Then, I stopped by the Redbox outside Ike’s to return a couple of movies – sorry, Black Lodge, but my wife picked them out.  I doubt you carry the type of chick-flick she likes anyway.

After that, I continued north on Cooper, turned left at Poplar and pedaled furiously to the entrance of Overton Park.  I was going to cruise around the park for a bit, but I decided to make a bee line for Broad Street and my next two destinations.  First up, Victory Bicycle Studios.

Co-owner Clark Butcher, photographer Nathan Berry, and some other folks were hanging out in the shop that afternoon, so after perusing the lovely merchandise, including this absolutely sick Merckx …

IMG 0341

(I know.  Day-um.)

I hung out and drank beer for a while.  It was great: cold beer, bikes, and good people.

After draining my High Life, I biked east on Broad to Hollywood Feed for a new tag for my dog.  Here’s my bike outside:

IMG 0345 copy

And here’s the engraving machine inside:

IMG 0344

Then, I biked down Broad to Tillman to the Greenline, then south on High Point Terrace, around the golf course, to campus.  I had a plastic bag of recyclables to drop off.  BTW, did you know that U of M recycles damn near anything now?  Everything the city takes, we take, plus electronics, all types of plastic (not just #1 and #2), keys, cell phones, styrofoam, light bulbs, batteries, you name it.  Seriously, if you have a pile of any of that crap sitting at home and you want to get rid of it, leave a comment below.  We’ll make it happen.

OK, after the office I biked home.  Twas a lovely day on the bike.  Twelve miles total, I believe.  Here’s a map of my ride.

Screen Shot 2012 02 21 at 7 39 01 AM

Later that day I installed some interesting new bike lights, which I’ll write about later this week.  Until then, be safe, and keep biking in Memphis.