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… Or is it “shouts-out?”  Whatever.  I was going to mention this in my post from earlier today but it so rapidly became lengthy that I didn’t want this to get buried at the end.  Yesterday I was looking over the Google stats for my site when I noticed that two other blogs had linked to mine.  How cool is that?!  (Answer: very cool.)

The first was the Commercial Appeal’s Memphis blogroll.  When I saw that, I was really impressed and a bit honored, until I actually saw their roll.  Yes, there are numerous very popular and successful blogs listed, ones that I am truly flattered to be listed with, but then there are a few that no longer exist.  So while I am very happy to be included on their list (and a little baffled, since I only started writing this blog a few months ago), they need to check their links.

But what made me most happy was a shout-out from the good people at Gotta Be Gritty.  (Full disclosure: I’ve never actually met any of them, so I’m assuming they are in fact good people.  But they play bike polo, so they must be good people, right?)  Again, I have no idea how they heard about my blog, but I really appreciate the props.

Thanks to all, and please keep reading.