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Spreading the word

I had a proper biking adventure over the past few days.  The goal: to deliver posters to the four bike shops in in-town Memphis to spread the word about Bike-to-Campus Day, which is next week.  Here’s what happened.

On Saturday I biked from home to campus to pick up the posters.  I then biked to the Peddler on Highland to deliver my first set of posters.  There I ran into Cort and we chatted for a minute before I headed off to my next destination: Outdoors Incorporated on Union.

I caught a lucky light at Belvedere and Union and was able to (hurriedly) bike east on Union for half a block before I turned into the parking lot.  I dropped off another set of posters before heading off again to my next (and final) destination of the day: Otherlands Coffee Bar on Cooper.

There I dropped off my last two sets of posters for the day.  I had hoped to make it downtown to Midtown Bike Company and to Victory Bicycle Studio in my neighborhood that day, but I ran out of time.

I took care of the first of those two errands this morning.  Around 9:30 this morning I headed east on Southern toward downtown, arriving at Midtown Bikes around 10:00 AM.  I left two posters with Daniel, the owner, and then biked to campus for a day at the office.  I was going to leave two posters at Victory this afternoon but forgot that they are closed on Monday.  Boo, my memory.  I’ll hit them up on Wednesday.

Here’s the map of combined rides on Saturday and today.

Screen shot 2011 09 26 at 8 40 35 PM

Pretty hot, huh?  And here’s a clickable link to the same.

Altogether I logged 28.3 miles on my bike in just over two hours.  Traffic was generally very manageable and I had only one close call.  Yes, cars should yield the right-of-way to bikes when leaving a stop sign.  Otherwise, skidding might happen.  Just sayin’.

Anyway, thanks for reading.  I hope to see you all at Bike-to-Campus day.  Here’s a poster for the event.  Cheers.

Bike to campus poster 0911

Beautiful day

I’m not going to lie: today started off a little rough.  My wife and I had stayed up well into the early morning hours last night, talking about this and that (mostly related to her graduate program), and so I’ve learned that 6 hours of interrupted sleep is not sufficient for me to be a functioning human being, at least until I’ve had some coffee.

Said coffee was purchased at Otherlands, where I like to spend my Fridays working away from the office.  Even the barrista on duty recognized that I was still half asleep when I rolled in around 10:30 this morning.  But a few cups of coffee and a wheat bagel with piles of hummus soon set me right.

After spending most of the day working at Otherlands, I biked home to drop off some stuff and then head out to run a few errands.  The first stop was the quickie mart on Cooper for a few toiletries.  It was also there that I forgot to restart the GPS app on my iPhone, so the map of my ride today is a little incomplete.  Here it is.

After biking to the package store on Union for a bottle of vino, I headed home.  It’s been a really busy week here at Biking in Memphis and I was happy to have such nice weather today.  A bit warm but not at all unbearable.  My wife and I spent the evening having dinner and then watching “The American,” which was actually not too shabby.  We are soon headed to bed.

Don’t forget that tomorrow morning is the Rock and Roll Revolution Bike Ride.  Hope to see you there.