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Responding to Comments

I’ve gotten a couple of comments in the past week that I want to respond to in a post, as opposed to in another comment.  Here we go …

First, please join me in wishing an early welcome-to-Memphis to Yuhei, who asks this question:

Hi Doug,

I am moving to Memphis this August, and wanted to ask you if you know there is any safe bike route for commuting from downtown to the University of Memphis. It would be very helpful if you can provide me with any information on it.

Thank you,


Absolutely, Yuhei, there are many routes you could take from downtown to campus.  The best route leaves downtown on Linden Avenue.

Linden intersects Main Street (in downtown) a few blocks south of Union Avenue.  (You should probably be looking at Google Maps right now.)  Following Linden Avenue east, you keep biking until you intersect with Rozelle Street.  Turn right on Rozelle and proceed south to Harbert Avenue.  Turn left on Harbert and follow it to Cooper Street.  Then turn right on Cooper and follow it to Southern Avenue.  Southern has bike lanes for most of the ride to campus, one of the few streets in Memphis that currently does.  If you follow Southern to campus, you’ll end up at the southwest corner of campus, at the intersection of Patterson and Walker.  From there you can quickly proceed to you office or classroom.  You can see a map of most of this route in this blog post.

Drop me a line when you get to town.  I’m also an employee of the University of Memphis.

Second, I’ve gotten a couple of responses to Ryan’s question about biking from Memphis to New Orleans.  He asked this:

Hey Doug,

I’ve been thinking for some time about bike riding from Memphis to New Orleans on top of the river levees (I’m pretty sure they have dirt/farm access road on top of the levee for a significant portion of the trip).

Know anyone who’s ever tried a similar trip, or how long it would take?

Kermit responds with this:

Riding the Levee’s is illegal, I have looked into it.  You may consider riding the Mississippi River Trail which is actually all on roads.  There is a guide available online, and I also saw one sitting on the counter of the bike section of the Outdoors Inc shop on Union Avenue.

And just today, Bob added this:

Ride to New Orleans: MRT – Mississippi River Trail, mississippirivertrail.org/index.html – It goes from Minneapolis to NOLA crossing the river at Memphis on the old bridge (a truly unique experience if you’ve never ridden across).  I understand road marking is spotty and some of the routes may be sketchy, but someone has produced a guidebook for the route available on the MRT website.

And there you have it.  Thanks to everyone for the comments/questions and your responses.  Hopefully I’ll see you all soon, biking in Memphis.