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Upcoming events

The next week contains several biking-related events for the cycling community in Memphis.  Beginning, well, earlier tonight, with the third and final round of the Crit Series at Tiger Lane.  I had wanted to attend this unique and exciting race, but mowing down the forest of weeds I call a yard won instead.  Regardless, I hope to attend the next round of Crit races.

Tomorrow morning the Bike-to-Work Day festivities begin early – a day early in fact – with a TV appearance at the FOX 13 studios.  Plan to arrive at 7:00 AM for a 7:20 AM spot about Bike to Work Day.  The studio is located at 485 S. Highland St.

Next of course is Bike to Work Day.  I was really excited to participate in this event last year, even though I wasn’t actually biking to work, as all of the activities of that day were centered around downtown and I work far from there.  But regardless, I would otherwise be riding along this year too … except that my bike is still in the shop.  Somehow my rear axle broke and I didn’t even realize it.  Bummer.  Looks like I’m driving until further notice.

Also, check out this utterly amazing PSA about biking in Memphis.  Woo hoo!!!

On Monday, the Memphis Hightailers are sponsoring a screening of the classic biking film “Breaking Away” at the Malco Paradiso.  The proceeds from the screening go to support the sister of a now-deceased Peddler Bike Shop employee who has Multiple Sclerosis.  I’m really excited to bike to the Paradiso and watch this movie while supporting MS research.

Lastly, on Tuesday (24 May) there is a public interest meeting about the possible installation of bike lanes on North Parkway.  WaitWHAT?  Bike lanes on North Parkway?!?!  Be still my beating heart!  The meeting is at Rhodes College.

Also, there is a regular gathering of bikers on Sunday afternoon at 5:30 PM to ride to Yo-Lo for ice cream … er, frozen yogurt.  Whatever.  It looks like fun.  And I’ll be there, as soon as I get a Sunday evening free.