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Yesterday’s ride

I’ve written before about how much I enjoy summers as an academic – while my work load right now is rather high, I appreciate the freedom to work from if I choose to.  But I do have to go to campus at least once a week for meetings or to run an errand, as was the case yesterday.

I left home around 11:30 AM – not quite the hottest part of the day, but a time well past morning’s relative cool.  I’m pleased to report that the heat wasn’t really that bad.  I must be getting used to the heat, because it was 94ºF when I arrived at work and I wasn’t that uncomfortable on my ride.  That’s one aspect of summer biking that I think many people fail to consider: as long as you are moving, you have a 10-15 M.P.H. breeze washing over you, cooling you down and drying your sweat.  It’s only when you stop, either at a traffic signal or upon arriving at your final destination, that the sweat begins to jet out of you like a lawn sprinkler.  Was that a good visual?  I hope so.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot from my iPhone as proof of the heat.


And what a lovely forecast we have to look forward to.  I loves me some Memphis, but summers here are rough.

So after my afternoon meeting I biked home.  Again, it was hot, but not that bad.  I then took my second shower of the day and headed to Boscos for some relaxation.

(Note to the interested reader: I am almost always at Boscos on Thursday evenings.  My academic and non-academic buddies and I usually congregate there for beers and such for most of the evening.  Feel free to stop by and say hi if you’re in the neighborhood – I’ll be the guy with the most awesome helmet you’ve ever seen.)

I left Boscos around 10:30 AM and biked home.  I decided to take the long way, west on Madison, then south on McLean to Young Avenue.  By that time in evening, the weather was quite pleasant and my ride was very enjoyable.

MotionX GPS tells me that I biked 10.8 miles that day, but I forgot to reactivate it when I left Boscos, so between there and McLean my mileage was not being recorded.  So we’ll round up and say that I biked 11 miles yesterday.  Not too shabby for just getting around town.

Here’s a screenshot of my ride.

Screen shot 2011 08 05 at 1 16 25 PM

And here’s that clickable link I know you love.

I’m a bit behind in my blogging so you can expect an extra-long weekend wrap-up this Sunday.  Also, I am ridiculously excited about Saturday’s Cycle Memphis group ride.  I hate that I missed the first installment of what will hopefully become a very regular event – I love biking around downtown at night – but this week’s ride should be just as fun.  Hats off to the organizers, Jason, Adam, and Matthew.  I hope to meet you all at the ride.  I’ll be the guy in the … well, you know.

Alright Memphians, I gotta run and get ready for a meeting.  It’s raining right now, so hopefully the temp outside has dropped a bit.  Be safe out there and I’ll see you around.

Today’s Ride

One of the best parts of being an academic is that, for a precious few weeks in the summer, my schedule is my own.  For most of the rest of the year I am expected to answer emails from students at all hours of the day and night, to say nothing of weekends.  Plus, for at least four weeks during each semester I am inundated with piles of exams and/or term papers to grade which, depending on how many students are in my charge that semester, can easily number over 300.

OK, I’ll stop kvetching now (believe me, I could go on for hours).  The point here is that I am really happy (and lucky) to be able to spend a few hours on a summer afternoon biking around town, running a few errands.

Tops on my list today was Home Depot.  I needed to pick up a few items for the garden, plus some bolts and nuts to secure a rear bike light that has been falling off my bike of late.  But first I needed a haircut.

I’ve visited the same stylist almost exclusively since I moved to Memphis five years ago, but since she moved on to a salon much further from Midtown than I feel necessary to bike to, I’ve been looking for a new home for my hair-styling needs.  And I think I’ve found that home at Empire Hair Studios.  Sorry for the blatant endorsement, but when I biked there early this afternoon I noticed a lack of decent bike parking facilities.  I mean, not even a nearby street sign or lamp post that would do.  So after a few moments of struggling to lock my bike to a light pole, one of the employees came outside and told me I could just bring my bike into the lobby and park it there.  How awesome was that!  Here’s a picture.


So I like this place.  After leaving Empire I biked west on Harbert to Rozelle, then west again on Eastmoreland.  After that I crossed Union (with no traffic light) and Madison until I reached the HD.

I almost forgot: just at the intersection of Harbert and Barksdale, I came across this beautiful sight.


I have no idea whose bike and trailer this is, but kudos to you, my fellow Memphis cyclist.  It’s always great to see artifacts of other bikers around town.

Also, just before I arrived at Home Depot, I saw this sign affixed to the door of an empty building at the corner of Madison and Avalon.


I love this.  Rise up indeed.  I then noticed these lovely tiles.


I would have never noticed them had I not been biking.  I do love finding hidden treasures around town like these.

Anyway, after making my business happen at the HD, I biked home on Madison.  No major drama; the drivers on Madison were mostly respectful (although I did get honked at on Cooper and Peabody).

Finally I arrived at home, twelve miles and several gallons of sweat later.  Here’s a screenshot of my ride that day.

Screen shot 2011 07 26 at 9 30 20 PM

And here’s that clickable link I know you all love.

For the record, this ride actuallty happened yesterday (Tuesday, 26 July) but I began to nod off before I could finish writing about it last night.  Today’s ride was very uneventful: to school and back, about 6.5 miles total.  The heat notwithstanding, it was a nice day.

Alright people, it’s bedtime here.  Have a safe day out there and I’ll see you soon.