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Hi everyone.  As I feel most blog writers should, I’m going to begin with an apology.  Not for presuming that you are interested in what I have to write about – you’re free to resume affirming your self-worth over at failblog at any time – but for the name of this blog.

In a way it’s the perfect name; the focus of this blog is the ins-and-outs of being a commuter cyclist in Memphis.  And that’s me. I’m a commuter cyclist in Memphis.  Hello.  Nice to meet you.

But unfortunately, the name of this blog (Biking in Memphis) inevitably invokes the name of a song that I absolutely detest.  I won’t mention it by name, but here’s the video.

I actually hated the song for years before I ever moved to Memphis.  Need I explain why?  It’s just a very trite recitation of “Memphis highlights,” like Beale Street, Graceland, Elvis, and so 0n.  OK fine, it does mention W.C. Handy, the Hollywood, Al Green, and the Delta Blues, but it does so in a way that is so cloyingly earnest it makes me barf.  Would like to hear a better song about Memphis?  Try this.  Or this.

But I’m getting far afield here.  My plan is to spend the next year or so writing about the day-to-day realities of being an urban commuter cyclist in Memphis.  Plenty of other blogs detail the travails of commuter cycling in other cities, but as far as I know I’m one of the first in Memphis.  (Once I finalize my list of links, I’ll be sure to include some of the other cycling blogs and websites I’ve found that are specific to Memphis.)

Anyway, that’s the big idea here.  I’m planning to publish at least once a week, perhaps more if the mood strikes me. Feel free to leave comments, just don’t be an asshole.

And by all means, get on your bikes and ride.