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A quick one (before I leave)

Hi everyone.  I’m in the midst of grading final exams, term papers, and preparing final grades this week, so I haven’t had much time to write.  As I write this, sitting on the couch under a blanket, I find myself looking around for reasons to delay the inevitable bike to ride to work in the rain.  So I’ll share a few links I ran across yesterday.

First, my friend Charlie sent me this story about a rather miraculous Dutch woman.  Read it, then pick your jaw up off the floor.  The takeaway?  Apparently, the best treatment for being paralyzed after getting hit by a car is getting hit by another car.

Then, my friend Pat emailed me this link about how bikes can save us.  The article and accompanying infographic make several very good points – scroll down and look at the graph on obesity rates v. trips made my bike – and does so using really nice design.  Pat and I have had several interesting conversations about design recently, something I always appreciate.

Finally, the always blogtastic (and recently married) Cort posts this about the Starry Nights Holiday Bicycle Recycle Bike Giveaway.  There are opportunities this week and weekend to volunteer to help assemble bikes for worthy kiddies.  I’m going to try to volunteer on Sunday.

OK, gotta run.  This final exam ain’t gonna grade itself.