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Bike racks on Madison

Hey everyone.  This link is a little too long to share on facebook (just click on it and you’ll see why), but I wanted to share the following good news from the Mid-South Regional Design Center.  It looks like Madison Avenue is getting some free bike racks – 25 of them, to be precise.  This is great news for anyone, like me, who’s biked somewhere on Madison and then found themselves scouting a sign post or tree in the absence of a proper rack.

The good people at the Peddler Bike Shop are donating three racks, the rest coming from the city.  I’m really excited about this.  It’s one thing to have bike lanes or sharrows, but to really be a bike-friendly city, we need to mind the details, like the end-to-end concerns potential and current cyclists might have.  Parking is inevitably one of those concerns, and the more bike parking we have, the more biking we should see.  Which is good for all of us.