Cycling blogs

Hi people.  I wanted to briefly mention a couple of new cycling blogs I’ve found and like.  Cycleicious is great and ran an article recently about new biking blogs in 2011.  I commented on the post and the site administrator added Biking in Memphis to the list.  Hooray for shameless self-promotion!

Also, Cycle the Earth has a biking blog hub, to which my blog has been added.

All this reminds me that I need to update the blog roll on my main page.  Maybe over the holidays …

Two bits

People.  I ran across a couple of links I wanted to share with you before I biked to work this morning.

First, having blogged several times about the perception that cyclists are elitists, you can image my surprise when I ran across this article debating whether cycling to work is unprofessional.  So let’s see, this makes me not just an elitist, but an unprofessional one at that.  I just can’t win.  Fortunately I’m an academic, so no one really cares what I look like anyway.

Second, somehow after seeing this, the Frazier fir we by every year just doesn’t cut it.

Bonus: i have now added Cyclelicious and The Bicycle is Art to my RSS feeds.  You should too.


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