Biking to Germantown

Have you read this article from the Commercial Appeal?  Pretty exciting stuff.  It looks like the connection between the Greenline and Germantown is completed.  The 1.25 mile section has apparently been unofficially open now for a couple of weeks.  This means that one could bike from Tillman to Germantown on bike paths without interruption.  Here’s a map of where the newly completed segment lies.

Screen Shot 2012 07 22 at 11 26 02 AM

You can the connection between Shady Grove Rd. and the Poplar Estates neighborhood on the map, bottom center.  I’m not sure if that’s exactly where the path lies, but it would appear to be.

I haven’t had the chance to go exploring out east in some time.  Anyone else ridden this new segment?


  1. Melanie Suzanne

    Hi Doug,

    My family lives in Germantown, and when I visited the first week of July, I got to ride from the eastern Germantown trailhead, through Shelby Farms to the Memphis Greenline proper to Tillman, and then to Cooper-Young where I collapsed on my friends’ living room floor with heat exhaustion. (It’s been hot & humid here in DC, but not quite so bad as Memphis…)

    The Germantown/Wolf River Greenway section was gorgeous and tree-covered. I loved the little nature stops along the way. The western trailhead of the Wolf River Greenway had a gate across the trail and a big sign that said no bicycles were allowed. I saw lots of cyclists ignore that sign, though, and I followed suit. When the trail got close to Humphreys, a construction company chain link fence blocked the pavement which meant cyclists had to dismount and we and pedestrians needed to walk through the grass to get to back on pavement. This was three weeks ago, so those impediments may have been removed… If there was a sign pointing to the Shelby Farms Greenway, I missed it and I wound up riding all the way along Humphreys to Walnut Grove. A quick consultation of Google maps showed me my error and I successfully backtracked to the trail intersection.

    All in all, riding the trails was a pleasant experience and my only complaint, aside from the construction fences, was the dearth of wayfinding signage. But since this is a new trail, I’m not holding it against the developer.

  2. el_daviddo

    by far the most compelling part of the article (to me) is:

    The next segment to be built by the city is a mile-long piece along the Wolf between McLean and Hollywood, with design work under way and a contract expected to be awarded in the fall.

  3. Steven

    A couple of days ago (21st) I was riding home via The Wolf River Greenway/Greenline paths from Germantown Rd. I exited onto Humphreys/Wolf River Blvd where I always do to get to Shady Grove to get back on the trail, when I happened to notice a few runners on the trail. I yelled & asked if it was open and was met with shrugged shoulders, so at next break I got on it. Quite a bit of sand from the construction covers the trail, but it’s open.

    It was a 13.1mile ride and I live .4 miles from the Tillman Greenline entrance so figure 12.7 miles from trail-head behind Chick-Fil-a on Germantown Road to Tillman.

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