Anyone have a recommendation for good cold-weather cycling gloves?  I have some Christmas $$$ cash to spend and the Eddie Bauer fleece gloves I’ve been using don’t cut it. They make my hands too sweaty and take days to fully dry.

Please leave your recommendations in the comments.  Thanks!


  1. Greg Siskind

    Hi Doug – I have a number of different sets of gloves and the ones I go with on the coldest days are the Sugoi Firewall Z’s. I got them at REI in Nashville, but see they’re on the REI outlet site at Not sure if anyone in Memphis carries them. I will sometimes add in some glove liners if its really cold and may hand warmers. Costco sells hand and toe warmers in bulk. Amazon also sells them in bulk inexpensively.

  2. Matthew Magbee

    I have a set of nasbar gloves. they are very warm and waterproof. They have been through 30 degree road biking and 15 degree wet snowy mountain biking . I think they were only 20 bucks

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