Wednesday’s commute

Hi everyone.  I would be remiss in beginning this post to ignore the fact that I’ve barely posted anything at all in the past month, save for my recent profile of local cyclist Greg Siskind. Suffice to say that October was an extraordinarily busy month.  Between three weekend trips, one of which was a conference, a due date for a paper to be presented at another conference, midterms, a presentation at a housing summit, and a two-day sustainability event on campus, numerous meetings with students, plus my normal work load, I was one busy guy.  I did manage to rack up many miles on my bike, but since I stopped tracking my miles and routes that month – no point in doing so if I don’t have time to write about them – I don’t have many stories to share.

Except that in the intervening days, autumn has fully occupied Memphis and rendered my daily commute so much more pleasant.  Biking when the outside temperature is in the 50s is nearly ideal; I don’t have to don my full winter kit, but with the addition of an Icebreaker long-sleeved shirt and a shell, I can comfortably bike to campus while barely breaking a sweat.  I know that these days are small in number – December looms on the horizon – but I am enjoying them as much as I can for the time being.

Wednesday was a fine day to ride my bike around Memphis.  My first appointment of the day was not until noon, so I had time to run an errand before departing for campus.  Here’s a picture of the day that greeted me when I left my house.

IMG 0210

I know … ridiculously beautiful, right?  I love how that one wispy cloud looks like a flag trailing from the unused light-pole near my driveway.

After snapping this pic, I biked west to Methodist University Hospital.  I can’t remember if I mentioned this in a previous blog post, but on 1 September – the day after my 39th birthday no less – I found myself in the emergency room at the aforementioned hospital for what I was convinced was appendicitis.  Fortunately (I guess) I was wrong, and I was sent home with some (lovely) painkillers and a prescription to drink lots of water and call my doctor if anything aberrant happened.  Nothing did, and so the event has faded into the fortunately-thin memories of my times with emergency care.

But that day I had to pick up some medical records for insurance purposes, so I headed to the medical district on the familiar and fabled Linden Avenue route.  After leaving the hospital, I headed east to campus, arriving just in time to meet my noon appointment.

After my last appointment of the day I changed into my cycling gear and biked home.  Altogether, it was a lovely and uneventful day on my bike.  Here’s a map.

Screen shot 2011 11 09 at 10 32 23 PM

You’ll note that I did not follow the same route to the hospital as I did heading from there to campus.  Nor did I follow the same route from campus to my home as I did to campus.  For whatever reason, I do enjoy varying my commutes.

In the coming days, I plan to write a post or two about some of the events that passed by during my brief (and unplanned) hiatus from writing.  First among them … the bike lanes on Madison.  I guess I’m not done writing about them after all.

As always, thanks for reading.  And riding.


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