1. ValkRaider

    Your petition states “We are residents of Midtown”. Leaves me out, although I support the bike lanes. Even though I don’t live there Midtown is one of my favorite parts of town, and I do plan on bicycling there (once the heat wave snaps – I am a northern boy recently relocated to Memphis). If the street is more comfortable for biking, we are more likely to go there and see the businesses that we wouldn’t see if we were zooming by in a car. Pedestrian and Bicycle traffic generate more business than car traffic does, it has been proven over and over. So even though people don’t live in Midtown, they can support these bike lanes because they want to partake of the wonderful things that are located in Midtown. A nicer Midtown street experience means that more of our money goes there (instead of East Memphis or Germantown).

    • Doug

      Agree 100% on all points. It is beastly hot, but we can Madison a better street, one that people flock to. And I also agree that the petition should be more inclusive than just residents of Midtown … although I did not actually create it. Not sure who did.

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