Pictures from Cycle Memphis 2.0

Hi everyone.  Here’s a few shots I took of last night’s awesome ride.


This is the crowd just before we left the gazebo.  I think a few more people showed up after I took this picture, but you get an idea of the size of the group.  Note the bike-riding ice cream vendor in the foreground.  I had one of his orange sherbets when we got back from the ride – so good, especially after a group ride on a hot night.


Another shot of the crowd.


And a third, slightly blurry shot of the crowd.


This is the only shot I took during the ride.  Rather blurry, yes, but you can clearly see the trailer with the speaker being towed by Jason Smith.  I rode within earshot of his bike pretty much all night.  It was awesome.


And here’s the end of the ride.  The blurry people in the upper-right?  That’s the spontaneous dance party that erupted on our return.  Happy times.

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