Did I ride today?

So, fair readers, you are perhaps wondering if I biked anywhere today.  I mean, given the ridonkulous temps today, could any reasonable human being have biked in this heat?

Welp, this guy did, but I didn’t.  Not that I didn’t want to … OK, actually, I really didn’t.  But considering that I had three meetings in Germantown today – in the morning, over lunch, and in the late afternoon – plus an 8:00 AM meeting near campus, cycling was basically impossible.  I do plan to ride tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it goes.  In the meantime, I plan to stay very well hydrated.

But check this out: my late-afternoon meeting (an event really) was an economics forum at the Village at Germantown, sponsored by the good people at Veesart Financial.  (Shout out!)  I visited with the residents of the Village for about an hour and talked with them about the current state of the economy, the federal budget, and all manner of other boring things. Surprisingly, no one fell asleep.  As a token of their appreciation, Veesart Financial bought me a one-year subscription to Bicycling Magazine!  How cool is that?!  I’ve long considered subscribing to Bicycling, but never took the initiative to do so.  And now, thanks to their generosity, I don’t have to.  Many thanks.


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