Weekend Wrap-Up

Hi everyone.  I’m going to keep it short today as I have quite a bit on my plate.  Here’s a few pages on facebook I discovered recently which made me happy.

By now you’ve heard of the young woman who was struck by a car as she was biking on Cooper Street this weekend.  I don’t have any information beyond what is in the linked article; if any of you have any information about her status, feel free to leave it in the comments.  Here’s hoping she has a speedy recovery and that the driver who hit her is brought to justice.

This guy is awesome.  I mean, he would complete pwn the next Tweed Ride.

We now have bike lanes on Chelsea Avenue!  I was going to ride them this weekend but was busy doing other things.  I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Lastly, I missed this year’s Tour de Bird, mostly due to bad planning.  I did see a few of the riders as I was heading home from downtown.  It looked like a good crowd.  You can read more about it here.

I got a comment/question on my “About” page from a reader who wants to bike from Memphis to New Orleans (hell yeah!) and is looking for more information about how to do that.  (Scroll to the bottom to his his comment – his name is Ryan.)  I really don’t have any information about how to do that, as cool as it sounds – please help out a fellow cyclist in the comments.

Alright Memphis, time to earn some $$$.  Have a good week.


  1. Vice-President, Biking in Memphis Fan Club

    Thanks for this bike blog, Dr. Doug. I’m not very good at riding a bike so I don’t (for everyone’s safety), but I am so happy to know about all the fun and productive biking happenings in the city. If I ever do start commuting by bike, you’ll know it’s me by my training wheels.

  2. Bob

    Chelsea – I haven’t seen the finished lanes, but Chelsea was repaved early this spring and partially restriped with marks on the sides for bike lane location – I think finish striping was delayed by the flood as part of the road was under water for a while. I rode the length of the markings and the spacing seems adequate. I’m a little concerned about the details of all the new lanes going in because it is happening so fast – sometimes just a little attention to detail at intersections, etc. can really make the difference in the safety of a lane.

    Ride to New Orleans: MRT – Mississippi River Trail, mississippirivertrail.org/index.html – It goes from Minneapolis to NOLA crossing the river at Memphis on the old bridge (a truly unique experience if you’ve never ridden across). I understand road marking is spotty and some of the routes may be sketchy, but someone has produced a guidebook for the route available on the MRT website.

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