Weekend Wrap-Up

Welp, I have a crap-ton of links to share with you all this week.  I’m still not yet caught up on my blogging – it’s been a busy few weeks – but here’s a few items that grabbed my attention this week.

First, this guy is a tool.  So much of what he says is typical of the not-cycling-friendly crowd.  First, he portrays us as humorless and arrogant.  Then, he claims to be not only bike-friendly, but a former cyclist himself.  (GAWD if I had a dollar for every time I had heard that I … well, I’d have a few bucks.  But still.)  Finally, he portrays cyclists as being entitled and privileged (and “faddist”).  He then goes to discuss his automobile driving habits for several paragraphs and makes the claim that because he spent untold hours driving slowly around Manhattan looking for parking, that his driving is somehow equivalent to cycling.  Right.  Because most drivers I know drive really effing slow.  But what is most appalling is his claim that cyclists want to “poach on our territory.”  As though the roads belonged only to the drivers and their cars.  Wow, you can’t drive from home to Manhattan and find dozens of empty parking spaces waiting for your gilded steel-belted tires to grace them?  And that’s the fault of cyclists and our bike lanes?  Perhaps population growth has something to do with that?  Also, because he doesn’t see cyclists, they don’t exist.  And when he does notice them, they are doing bad things.  Asshole.

(To get a different read on biking in New York, read this.)

But this guy is completely awesome.  This is my favorite type of cycling activism, or any type of activism really.  One person with a really cool idea who’s working to make it happen.  Kudos to you, my friend.

Also, this guy rocks.  I should use him as an example in my intro-level economics courses about how changes in prices (here, the price of gasoline) can cause people to change their behavior.  It’s all about incentives, baby.

Hats off to the city of Minneapolis for constructing the nation’s first “bicycle freeway.” I can’t wait until that bike facility connects to other bike facilities in nearby parts of the U.S.

Speaking of, did you know that there was once a planned highway system for cyclists?  I didn’t, but I am super excited to know that progress is being made to revive this wonderful idea.  And that Memphis is on the map.  Hooray!

Here’s another cyclist who rocks.  I just started following his blog, but I love his summary of the first year he became carless.

Also, Memphis needs one of these.  Or several of them.  All over town.  Maybe some shaped like forks installed outside restaurants.  Anyone have a wood shop?

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading.


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