New Bike/Pedestrian Crossing Signals for the Greenline

Check out this video describing the new bike/pedestrian crossing signals on the Shelby Farms Greenline.

This is really great news for the Greenline.  The signals will be installed at Highland St. and Graham and should improve cyclist and pedestrian safety.

I do hope that the city rolls out a serious public education campaign about how these signals work.  Some aspects of the signals are familiar enough to drivers – the use of yellow to indicate caution or the need to slow down and red to indicate stopping – but the difference between the flashing yellow and solid yellow lights and especially the flashing red and solid red lights will no doubt cause some confusion.  At the very least, the lights will draw more attention to the intersections and the cyclists and walkers using them.

By the way, did you hear that funky ass, honkin’ sax solo at the end of the video?  I’m not at liberty to reveal who played that solo, except that his first name rhymes with “tile” and his last with “cragenshutz.”



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