It’s a long shot, but …

I’m looking for the guy who passed me on Southern yesterday afternoon, late in the afternoon, just past Highland.  To the guy: You were riding a black and white mountain bike – I couldn’t get a look at the make or model – wearing white plaid shorts, a dark t-shirt, and a white back-pack.  You complimented me on my panniers as you passed and I said thanks.  Then you sped off, leaving me in the dust.  (Apparently I need to work on my cadence.)

Anyway, the reason I want to talk to you – and lots of other commuter cyclists in Memphis – is that in July I’m starting a new feature on my blog.  Once a month or so I plan to interview a fellow bike commuter in Memphis about what it’s like to be a bike commuter in Memphis.  I’m interested in talking to people of all kinds, new cyclists and experienced ones, in-town and suburban, old and young … you get the idea.

So, if you’re interested in being interviewed, leave me a message in the comments.  I already have my July interviewee lined up, but after that I am wide open.



  1. Joe Wieronski

    I’m an architect and I bike to work when I can, not as much as I want, because of out of office meetings from time to time.

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  3. Greg Siskind

    Hi Doug – If you’re looking for someone out east, I’m an immigration lawyer who lives in Germantown and commutes to my office in East Memphis. I’m an all-year recreational cyclist who started bike commuting this spring and am trying to ride my 7 mile commute each day.


    • Doug

      Hi Greg!

      By all means, I’d love to talk to an east Memphis commuter cyclist. How about if I schedule you for November?


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