What a difference a day makes

Hi everyone.  Thanks so much for visiting my site over the past two days.  I knew that my blog (and me) being featured on I Love Memphis Blog would increase traffic, but I never imagined it would make such a huge difference.

Here’s a screen shot of my Google stats for Thursday morning, just before my profile was posted.


Notice the numbers on the y-axis.  My site visits peaked at just over 120 twice in the last week, both times when I wrote something about the bike lanes on Madison.  There was a smaller peak in early April, I think when the Hightailers promoted my blog in an email.  (Thanks!)


But look at my stats as of this morning.

I mean, wow.  My earlier peak visits in the low-120s are now dwarfed by yesterday’s traffic, where I had almost 320 visits.  What a difference a day makes indeed.

Anyway, I hope all you new readers keep coming back.  There are many exciting things happening in the world of biking in Memphis, especially the possibility of bike lanes on Madison.  Of course, the anti-bike-lane contingent continues to spread misinformation.  I understand that they’re hosting a news conference later day (I should really put news in quotes, given the lack of accuracy of their previous comments.)  Apparently they want to refute Kyle Wagenschutz’s report to the Mayor.  Really?  You and what city planner?

I just hope the Mayor makes a decision soon.  As a friend predicted recently, the longer this goes on, the more shouting across the table there will be.  As I’ve said before, I love supporting local business, but it’s really hard for me to imagine patronizing the anti-bike-lane businesses after this.  If these businesses had simply expressed their concerns in a reasonable way, then listened to the expertise of Kyle and the other city engineers and planners, that would be one thing.  I can certainly understand why these businesses are concerned about their bottom lines.  After all, we just experienced one of the worst recessions (measured in terms of unemployment, at least) in decades.  That had to hurt.  But to resort to ever-more shrill falsehoods – apparently they’re claiming that the bike lanes will result in lost parking on Madison, a myth that was debunked long ago – is really ridiculous.

I have no personal ill will toward any of the business owners on Madison who are opposed to the bike lanes.  I very much hope that the bike lanes are installed and that once it becomes apparent that they have no negative effects on revenues, that the business owners admit that they were wrong.  I’ll happily visit their shops and stores after that.

But if you need any more reasons to support the bike lanes, read this.  An in-town Mom who wants to bike around Memphis with her kids is about the best argument for bike lanes that I can imagine.

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