The very definition of awesome

Hi everyone.  I don’t remember where I first read this blog entry – it might have been on Public Bikes’ blog – but how amazing is this?  There are so many aspects of her story that impresses me.  The multi-stage nature of her commute. The maps she posted with the accompanying details of her ride.  The distance of her ride – about 9 miles, which is not at all shabby for a daily commute, not to mention the fact that she negotiated more than one mode of transportation.  Plus the fact she rode many of those miles with a toddler strapped in behind her is really amazing.

But I am most impressed with the fact that she put all of this together into a really fascinating blog entry, and that she’s living the dream.  Did you ever doubt that, as a parent living in a major city, you could be a bike commuter?  Well, she is proof positive that you can have your cake and eat it too.  That is, you can be a big-city parent and a bike commuter.

Time will tell if I will ever have to face similar challenges.  My wife have no immediate plans to have kids (much to the consternation of some relatives) but if we ever do, I would love to try to replicate this sort of biking adventure.

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