A new record

Today, like so many lately, was a really great day to bike.  A bit chilly this morning, but once the day warmed up the weather was positively gorgeous.  I biked to school this morning then rode with the Tuesday night crowd at the Peddler. We followed the standard Tuesday night route: from the bike shop to Overton Park and back.  I ducked out at the end to head home and get some work done (which I am clearly not doing now).

But the record in question was not my travel distance today: about 11 miles.  A good ride, but nothing record-shattering.  No, the record in question is that today I broke the record for most visits to my blog.  The previous record, 60, was set yesterday, and today I had a grand total of 61 visits.  Hooray for shameless self-promotion!

Without going into too much detail, I think my readership will be increasing markedly in the near future.  You’ll have to wait and see what I mean until it happens though.  In the meantime, please leave a comment if you feel inclined.  I hope I see you biking in Memphis in the near future.

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