This just in …

Biking while wearing a suit is the new awesome.  Believe it.

Also, cufflinks and fingerless cycling gloves go really well together.  Believe this too.

OK, so why the awesome today?  I was invited to appear as a panelist in a discussion on the proper role of regulation in our economy.  The Public Issues Forum – a group of engaged and curious people – sponsored the event; I was invited by a friend I’ve known around Memphis for a few years.  The discussion went really well: my fellow panelists included a representative of the Sierra Club, a gentleman from the Shelby County Development Office, a former federal regulator, and a fellow from the state office of Environment and Conservation.  Speaking as a member of the economics faculty at the University of Memphis, I really enjoy these opportunities to reach out to the community and give my perspective on matters of concern.

Also, biking is totally awesome.  Check out my ride today.

And here’s a link to a clickable version of my route today.  As always, respect my privacy and don’t try to figure out where I live.

Basically, I rode from home north through Cooper-Young, then across E. Parkway up to Avery, then down Poplar (a terrifying ride no doubt) to the library where the panel discussion was held.  After that, I biked up to Republic Coffee for some biker fuel (a.k.a. a double espresso) then to campus to pick up some paperwork, then home.  Except for the brutal headwind (seriously, do I really need to pedal while biking downhill just to maintain speed?), it was a beautiful day to ride.

Today I rode a grand total of 9.86 miles, with an average speed of 9.9 MPH (thanks to the headwind) and a total time biking of just under an hour, including stops at red lights and stop signs.

Sometimes I wonder how much further I can push this urban biking thing.  Time will tell, I suppose.

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