Today’s ride

Today was a great day to be biking in Memphis.  The weather is nearly perfect for biking: not too cool, a nice breeze (a.k.a. headwind), low humidity, and the pollen is tolerable.  I biked from home to Otherlands this morning for my regular coffee and bagel with an enormous pile of hummus, then to campus through Chickasaw Gardens, which was looking particularly resplendent in its spring colors.  Then from campus I biked to the liquor store on Poplar (can’t remember the name) for a bottle of vino, then home.  It was a really great ride.  Here’s a map.

And here’s a link to a clickable map.  As I’ve said before, you can pretty clearly see where my route began, i.e. my home.  Please don’t be a creeper and drive by my house.

Also, I saw two lovely bikes on campus today.  Here’s the first one.

It’s a Trek Allant, one of the company’s commuter bikes.  Such a nice profile, with the comfy saddle and hand grips, and the built-in fenders and rack.  Nom.

Here’s the second.

It’s a Huffy of some make and model I couldn’t discern.  But I love the basket on the front and the color scheme.  Such a lovely bike for spring.

By the way, if you like to see pictures of random bikes, check out this blog, bikes of nyc.  It’s run by a friend of my wife’s from high school, and you can order prints of the pictures from the blog.  We have three in our home.

Also, I’m riding the Tour de Grizz tomorrow.  Very excited about it; I rode it two years ago, its inaugural year, but missed last year.  The weather promises to be perfect for biking, and what could be more fun than a group bike ride followed by some beers at a Grizzlies game?  Not much.

Here’s a flier for the Tour, created by none other than my friend David.  Check it out.

Lastly, I added a plugin to my blog that allows readers to “like” my posts on facebook.  So like away my friends, and help me get the word out about biking in Memphis.


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