Bike-to-Work Day Memphis

I’m really excited to participate for the second time in National Bike-to-Work Day, which is scheduled for Friday, 20 May, this year in Memphis.  (I’m assuming that the name of the event is self-explanatory enough such that I don’t need to go into what it’s all about.)  If this year’s event is anything like last year, it should be great.  There’s a contest this year to see which company can get the most employees to bike in that day.  There will also be “energizer” stations in various locations around downtown to hand out goodies, snacks, water, and so on.  And there will be some lunch-time event at Court Square Park, with bike vendors and groups and a band and all that.

Last year was quite a bit of fun.  I met some random people at Otherlands Coffee – none of whom I had ever met before – and we biked to the energizer station in the South Main arts district.  Then, my fellow riders went to work and I … had breakfast.  Then hung around one of the local coffee houses for most of the day, until it was time to ride home.  You see, since I don’t work in downtown, it was Bike-to-Work Day for me in name only.  I did bike, just not to work.  Well, my work anyway.

I’d really like it if there was a Bike-to-Work Day outpost on campus, maybe at the fountain on the Student Plaza. Trouble is, 20 May is after spring semester ends and before summer term begins, so the campus will basically be a ghost town.  I do love that about my job, having summers off.  In the meantime, for me, every day is bike-to-work day.

Here’s a link to the event’s facebook page.  So far over 250 people like the event, and it would be really exciting if all 250+ actually biked to work that day.  I suspect that some of them are likes in principle, not in practice.  Still, support for biking is meaningful, even if not put into practice.

Oh, and I just noticed that you do have to register to participate.  All you submit is your name, email address, company, and where you want to pick up your schwag.

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