My people, I present to you a pictorial representation of bike commuting in Memphis in the 21st century.  Behold …

That big stack of papers on the right?  That was my Spring Break.  I didn’t actually grade all of them: my graduate assistant did most of the grading and preparation for my intro-level economics class (that’s the two folders in the middle).  But I did have to sort them, staple scantrons to exams, and enter the grades online.  Plus all the grading, sorting, and recording scores for my two upper-division courses (those are the two stacks of Blue Books you see).  I didn’t actually measure or weigh the stack, although I’d put it at around 20 pounds.  Maybe 30.

But I’m not here to write about my grading duties, overwhelming though they are sometimes.  I just wanted to post the picture and mention that I managed to carry all of those papers, plus my lunch, coffee, laptop and power cable to work in my panniers.  And it really wasn’t that bad.  My bike felt light as a damn feather coming home though, I can tell you that.

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