Tour de Grizz

The date for the annual Tour de Grizz bike ride has been set: 2 April.  The event coincides with the beginning of the NBA’s Green Week initiative and is intended to encourage alternative means of transportation.  And it’s a lot of fun.

I don’t have all the details yet, but two years ago when I participated we met up at the parking lot of First Congo Church on Cooper and left around 5ish for the ride.  Some people went to the Grizzlies game after the ride ended; I ended up on Beale St. with a couple of friends.  The best part of the ride, other than pedaling with dozens of other people?  The police escorts.  Yep, every intersection on our route from Cooper Young to the FedEx Forum was blocked by a rolling group of cops on motorcycles.  It was quite impressive to watch: we’d all be biking along downtown, one officer would block an intersection so that we could ride through while another officer or two sped ahead to prepare the next intersection.  It’s a nice day to be a cyclist when drivers have to wait for you to pass before they can even move.

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