Slow and steady

I didn’t bike to work today but I did yesterday, the second time this week I’ve biked in.  It feels really great to be back on my bike, but I’m taking it easy on the ol’ knee.  I hate this feeling of having to ease back into my riding routine in order to avoid injury – it just makes me feel old.  But I understand that if I push it too hard now, I’ll never fully recover from the injury.

One of my students stopped me on the way into class today and asked if I biked in today.  I told him no but that I did yesterday.  He was a bit incredulous about biking in such cold weather – it was 28º F this morning, as it was yesterday when I left the house – and I had to remind him that I’ve been in 18º F weather.  We had a laugh over it.

I am planning to bike tonight when I go out for my weekly night of beers with friends.  Four miles round trip should be no problem.  Tomorrow I will need to log some miles as I’m planning to have a proper day on my bike Saturday.  I’m biking to a meeting in the morning at the Teaching/Learning Academy, then to the Bicycle Swap Meet at Odessa, then to Shelby Farms on the Greenline.  That should be around 20 miles round trip.  Let’s hope the knee holds up.

Also, I’m really digging MotionX GPS, which I wrote about earlier this week.  The interface leaves a bit to be desired, but that’s just an extension of my personal preferences about design.  But as you can see here, it it produces a really great map of my route.  I can imagine that this feature would be really handy for someone biking or hiking off-road, something I probably won’t do much of, but I like it for helping me track the stats about my commute.

For example, my total commute yesterday was 6.88 miles, my average speed was 8.7 MPH (rather low, but probably because I had to stop a few times and adjust the bike), my top speed was 14.4 MPH (going downhill, I assume), and my total commute time was 47 minutes and 18 seconds.  Not bad, but in the past I’ve been able to bike home in under 15 minutes, so I clearly have room for improvement.

So for now I’ll keep toddling around like a grandpa on a beach cruiser, and hopefully by Spring Break I’ll be fully healed.  Good news in the meantime: I made it through another commute with practically no pain in my knee.  And I pushed it a bit harder than on Monday.  Progress is as progress does.

Final thought – my infatuation with MotionX GPS has made me want to turn my iPhone into a bike computer, as my old one crapped out on me.  This would mean that I need one of these.  Sigh … how I love buying new gear.

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