Today’s commute

Today was the first day I’ve commuted to work on my bike in weeks.  I’ve been nursing my right knee due to an injury and the time off appears to have helped.  I took it really slow today, probably never cresting 10 MPH (except going downhill) but didn’t feel much pain in my knee at all.  There were a few times in my ride where the twinges got to be a bit much – a little too close to actual pain – so I just slowed down to a snail’s pace until the twinges subsided.  And for most of the ride, I was fine.

Hopefully this will continue.  I’m planning to drive to work tomorrow, mostly due to severely inclement weather and the need to give my knee a day off.  (Of course, I’m not sure how standing and lecturing for almost four and a half hours qualifies as a day off for my knee, but whatever.  That’s what I get paid to do.)  Hopefully on Wednesday I’ll be back on my bike.

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