Today’s commute (pt. 2)

Hey, want to see a map of my commute home today?  Of course you do.  Well feast your eyes on this.  OK, I know. Nothing too monumental.  A relatively short ride home, even by my standards.

You might be wondering, how did I get such an amazingly accurate map of my commute home from work?  I owe it all to MotionX GPS, an app I recently downloaded to my iPhone.  I’ve long wanted a GPS-smart way of measuring my commute to work and home as well as other trips, and I seem to have found it.  I’ve only used it twice so I can’t attest to its long-term value, but for its ridiculously low price, how could I say no?

Read more about on the iTunes store website.  Pretty impressive features for only $2.99?  Sign me up.

You might also be wondering about the circuitous route I took home.  That was due to poor planning.  I needed to stop by the grocery to get some soup for my wife, who is currently suffering from a sinus infection, and I didn’t choose the best route possible.  No matter though – it was a good ride.

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