Vanity license plates … for cyclists!

Like most cyclists, I do have a car and must drive on occasion.  I much prefer to bike, but riding with a 48-count package of Charmin lashed to your rear rack is a bit of a challenge.  (But maaaaaaybe that’s just a good excuse for me to buy a cargo trailer.  To the interwebs!!!)

Anyway, a friend passed along this link on the facebooks which I wanted to share.  It’s a campaign to get the state of Tennessee to adopt a vanity license plate featuring the 3-feet-it’s-the-law slogan (reminding cars to give cyclists three feet of clearance when they pass.)  I signed up for one and donated an extra $5 to the foundation.  Apparently, they need 1000 signatures to get the measure adopted, so hop on over and reserve one yourself.  BTW, if the measure fails, all funds used to reserve tags can be refunded if you request.

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