This sucks.  Apparently going on a 25-mile ride after not having biked for two weeks, then adding a week’s worth of daily commuting trips was too much for my right knee.  It started to hurt about a week and a half ago, so I purposefully did not ride at all for six days.  I figured that would be enough to give my knee a rest and let it heal.

Well, apparently I was wrong.  During my commute to work today, my knee began to hurt almost as soon as I left home.  Yes, it was a victorious commute, as I broke a record for cold-weather cycling, but a sore knee is still no fun.  And with all the group rides I have coming up, apparently I need some time off the bike.


So I’m going to get in touch with some friends who are much more experienced cyclists and ask their advice.  Let’s hope that I’m back up and biking soon.  In the meantime, I plan to continue to my writing here, only not doing much riding.

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