Email from Kyle Wagenschutz

I received this email from Kyle Wagenschutz, the new Bikeway/Pedestrian Coordinator with the City of Memphis, last week and wanted to pass it along.  It’s really important for all Memphians, not just cyclists, to support initiatives to make our city more sustainable and active.  Cars aren’t the only means of getting around, and we seem to have forgotten that. Anyway, here’s the email.  I’m planning to go to all three meetings.  Hope to see you there.

Hello everyone,

It seems that bicycle and pedestrian issues are on everyone’s minds these days.  Hardly a day goes by without a newspaper article, editorial, or tv spot related to the vast improvements we have seen in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure over the last 12 months.

Thanks to everyone that completed the Bicycle and Pedestrian Survey in November and December.  We had an outstanding response rate with over 2,100 different perspectives that we can use to help guide the update of the MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.  Completing the survey brings us to the end of “Phase 1: Existing Conditions” of the update process.

We are now gearing up for “Phase 2: Recommended Improvements”.  During this process, we will be getting public input on the most important part of the plan – describing what we, as a region, want to accomplish in terms of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and support programs.

The Memphis MPO will be holding three public meetings over the next quarter to help us gain your perspective on how the plan should be updated.  Each of the meetings will be held at the Church Health Center Wellness Center at 1115 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104 in Conference Rooms A and B.  Click here for a link to a map; a schedule of the times and topics is listed below:

January 19, 2011 – Intro to Phase 2 and Multi-Use Paths (Greenways & Greenlines) – 5:30pm-7:30pm

February 9, 2011 – Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities – 5:30pm-7:30pm

March 2, 2011 – Review and Revise Phase 2 Findings – 5:30-7:30pm

Please make sure to mark these dates on your calendars and plan to attend. We need to hear from you about how we can advance our efforts in formulating a regional bicycle pedestrian network.

Feel free to pass this information on to anyone that may be interested in attending.

Kyle Wagenschutz
Memphis MPO
Bikeway/Pedestrian Coordinator

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